REQUIRED READING: Proper storage and maintenance of cabling.


the Staglin Center MRI Safety training Process

Becoming Safety certified requires three steps:

  1. Learn about MRI Safety - chiefly by viewing the safety videos below, supplemented by study of some of the relevant written material, especially the documents indicated with an asterisk below (*)
  2. Take a written MRI safety exam
  3. Take a practical exam on safety within the laboratory

Safety Certification must be renewed annually, generally by taking an additional written exam.


Staglin Center Safety Videos

Standard (4:3)
Widescreen (16:9)
Companion Slides

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Supplementary Lab Procedures

This video describes subject safety checkout, Scanner safety controls, Maintenance of CCN lab equipment, and other important procedures specific to the CCN MRI Lab.


MRI Screening

Staglin Center MRI Screening Form

Safety Readings * Recommended Reading

MRI Safety Links


Obtain MRI Safety Certification

Contact Jared Gilbert

Please ask your lab for the enrollment link to the BruinLearn Certification Course. Instructions can be found on the site.

Sample Informed Consent

This document is an informed consent appendix that broadly covers the procedures in use at the Staglin Center and may be a useful template as you develop new protocols


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